Super Nomade Night light

The ultra long-lasting portable nightlight!

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The Super Nomade is the first nightlight specially designed for children!
Compact and light, the Super Nomade nightlight is perfectly suited for small hands. Intelligent, it turns on and off by itself depending on the ambient light. Like a grown up!
Rechargeable, the Super Nomade nightlight can light up to 200 hours, or a month of tranquility, it is tireless! And to always have the light you need, its charge indicator reminds you when it’s time to charge it.
In addition, as it does not heat up, it can even stay under the sheets safely!

1 Compact & light
Super light (70g) and impact resistant, the Super Nomade nightlight is perfect for toddlers. Very soft and compact, ideal for moving around in the dark or hunting monsters!
2 Brightness sensor
The pilot light turns on and off by itself, gradually, depending on the light.
3 Record autonomy
More than a month of soft light (200 hours) with a single charge!
4 Universal charging
Charges with micro-USB, on the computer, tablet, or with a standard Smartphone-type adapter.

The Super Nomade nightlight

Ideal for watching over the little ones without waking them up.

Compact and light so that older children can find their way in the dark.

Up to a month of autonomy on a single charge, more than 200 hours!

It turns on and off by itself

Its charge indicator lights up as soon as it is picked up.

A long press (5 seconds) turns it off completely.

Pabobo’s bright idea
Universal charging via micro USB, ideal for travel!

Dimensions: 9 x 6 cm (height x diameter) / 70 g
Does not heat (cold eco-consumption LED)
From birth (0+) CE
2 year warranty

Where to find the Super Nomade nightlight?

Super Nomade nightlight Dans les bois

Super Nomade nightlight Timoléo

Super Nomade nightlight Lolabella


Discover the little sister, the Nomade nightlight!

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