Nomade Night light

The reassuring little nightlight to bring everywhere!

The Nomade nightlight is the first portable nightlight without batteries or cord, really designed for children.

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With its small light, it allows parents to watch over their little ones without disturbing them and reassure children from bedtime until they wake up. As the Nomade nightlight can also be held in their hands, it also helps older children find their way around in the dark, without waking their parents.
The Nomade nightlight recharges directly from the mains and can light up to 70 hours, i.e. a week of autonomy! In addition, we don’t even need to turn it on or off … The Nomade adapts itself to ambient light. Like a grown up !

1 Reassuring nightlight
Ideal for watching over the little ones without waking them up.
2 Brightness sensor
The pilot light turns on and off by itself, gradually, depending on the light.
3 Cool nightlight
Thanks to its LED technology, the Nomade nightlight always stays cool, even under the sheets!
4 Rechargeable
Just remove the pilot from the handle and charge it directly on the mains. After 5 hours of charging, it offers more than a week of autonomy (70 hours).

The Nomade Nightlight

Ideal for watching over little ones without waking them up.

Compact and light so that older children can find their way in the dark.

Once unplugged, the pilot light offers a week of autonomy (70h)!

The Nomade nightlight turns on and off by itself.

Pabobo’s bright idea
The first portable nightlight that adapts to ambient light!

Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm (height x diameter) / 70 g
Does not heat (cold eco-consumption LED)
From 10 months - CE (10m +)
2 year warranty

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