Lumilove Rainbow

The colorful little animals to enjoy everywhere.

Lumilove Rainbow are small, bright animals that slowly change colors.

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If you want to choose a specific color, just give them a little tap on the head!
Perfect for moments of calm play as well as for the bedtime routine, these rechargeable nightlights glow tenderly all night long, to give children lots of luminous hugs.
Even under the sheets, since the Lumilove Rainbow do not heat up!

1 Multicolor nightlight
The Lumilove Rainbow slowly change color and light up with all the colors of the rainbow.
2 Rechargeable nightlight
Projects soft light all night long (8 hours minimum).
3 Articulated animal
The arms and legs of the Rainbow nightlights are articulated so that children can also play with their companion light.
4 Fun
To fix the color with the "Tap on" mode, sit your Lumilove Rainbow down and give it a little tap on the head!

Lumilove Rainbow

The multicolored companions

Articulated to play better, they are part of all adventures.

They light up in all the colors of the rainbow.

A night of autonomy for lots of luminous hugs (8h approx.).

They don’t heat up… even under the sheets!

Pabobo’s bright idea
To choose their color, just give a tap on the head!

Dimensions: +/- 13 cm high - 200 g
Does not heat (cold eco-consumption LED)
From 36 months - CE 36m +
2 years warranty

Where to buy the Lumilove Rainbow?

Lumilove Rainbow Timoléo

Lumilove Rainbow Lolabella

The testimonies

Ses membres sont articulés, ce qui permet a ma puce de jouer avec. Elle se recharge donc c'est Super!

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