Beluga night light

The soft soothing plush with night light & white and pink noises

For a peaceful sleep

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Beluga is a very soft plush night light to soothe baby at bedtime.
It is made up of an Oeko-Tex® certified plush and a sound & light module.

Beluga can light up in white night light mode (3 intensities) or rainbow mode (automatic color change).

2 lullabies and 7 white noises and pink noises (intrauterine heartbeat, rain, waves, vacuum cleaner, fan, washing machine and summer night) allow you to choose the most suitable music or sound for your child.

Clever, thanks to its “cry sensor” option, the whale turns itself on again if baby cries!

Beluga stops automatically after 20 minutes. Volume adjustable.
The electronic module is removable and the plush is machine whashable at 30°.
From birth.

1 Soft night light
Beluga can light up with soft white light or change colors in rainbow mode to create a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom.
2 9 soothing sounds
2 lullabies and 7 white & pink noises (intrauterine heartbeat, rain, waves, vacuum cleaner, fan, washing machine and summer evening).
3 Extra-soft, washable plush
Very soft Oeko-Tex® certified plush Removable module to wash the splush in the washing machine and keep it clean and soft.
4 Cry sensor and automatic shutdown
Beluga turns off after 20 minutes and the "cry sensor" option turns Beluga on again to calm baby's crying.
5 Flashlight
When older, kids can use the module as a flashlight without the plush.

2 melodies and 7 different white & pink noises (heartbeats, rain, summer night, hush, vacuum cleaner, fan, waves), perfect for choosing the best sound for baby to fall asleep peacefully.

Soft lights
Soft white light with 3 intensities or rainbow mode

Super soft Oeko-Tex® certified plush
Beluga is soft and easy to handle by the little ones. The perfect companion for lots of hugs!

Beluga switches off automatically after 20 minutes

The sound module is removable in order to wash the plush (30°)

Volume adjustable
2 sound levels to adapt the volume

The good idea Pabobo
“Cry sensor”: if baby cries, Beluga will turn on by itself.

Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 12 cm / weight: 186g
Batteries: 3 AAA/LR3 not included
For best use, we recommend using branded, non-rechargeable batteries.
2 years warranty
From birth CE 0+

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Beluga night light

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