Kid’Sleep Clock

Kid’Sleep Clock: My 1st alarm clock!
Learn the time and wake up on time

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The children’s alarm clock that makes learning about time easier.
The main screen makes learning to tell time easier thanks to the dual analog and digital display.
The alarm function is perfectly designed for children with a large mushroom button with snooze function and 3 progressive alarms.

1 Easy to learn to tell time
The dual analog and digital display simplifies the understanding of hours and minutes.
2 The ideal alarm clock for children
Recommended from 5 years old, the Kid'Sleep Clock offers 3 different alarms: train, cuckoo clock and bird's song. The volume of the alarm gradually increases until the child wakes up.
3 Easy handling for small hands
The large mushroom button " snooze " allows to light the screen during the night and to put the alarm on pause when getting up.
4 Wake-up indicator
If the character is illuminated in the sleeping position, children know they have to stay in bed. At the time set by the parents, the character silently switches into the awake position. Children know they can get up!

Kid'Sleep Clock

Allows older children to learn the time easily.

2 in 1
Alarm clock and alarm clock indicator.

2 charging modes
Battery operated or with supplied mains charger.

Pabobo’s bright idea
The digital screen confirms that the time has been read correctly.

Dimensions: 17 x 7.4 x 14.2 cm / Net weight: 322g
LED source
Works with a plug and / or batteries (2 AA not included)
2 year warranty
Recommended age: from 5 years

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