Milky Way projector

The nightlight projector with animated stars to put children to sleep

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Milky Way soothes children at bedtime and helps them fall asleep with its animated stars projections and soft music. It creates a magnificent starry sky, with stars moving slowly, as if baby was sleeping under the stars! The stars come to life on the walls and ceiling, creating an incredibly relaxing show. In addition, the projections and the music evolve according to the sleep phase, to encourage sleep.

1 Expert sleep cycles
Expert sleep cycles in 3 steps, to gradually support sleep
2 Musical nightlight
Offers a soft lullaby or soothing nature sounds, with high quality sound.
3 Quick launch
An on / off button lets you start the bedtime routine within a single touch.
4 Washable plush
The plush is machine-washable (30°) for maximum hygiene.

Milky Way

The starry atmosphere projector

Created a wonderful starry sky where the stars dance and intermingle in a captivating show.

You can choose a soft lullaby or nature sounds as if you were under the stars.

The nightlight projector is perfect to create a bedtime ritual. The show captivates children and helps them to fall asleep peacefully.

Turns off by itself (20 or 40 minutes) and turns back on by itself if children cry (cry sensor option).

The plush is machine-washable (30°).

The good idea by Pabobo
Expert sleep cycles to put all babies to sleep.

Dimensions: 27 x 27 x11 cm / +/- 500 g
Does not heat (cold eco-consumption LED)
Requires 3 AA / LR6 batteries (not included)
From birth (0+) CE
2 years warranty

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Milky Way

The testimonies

Elle à deux modes à activer si l’enfant est agité ou non pour pouvoir le calmer. Et le plus, la veilleuse s’allume seule dans la nuit si bebe s’agite.

J'utilise cette veilleuse pour ma fille de 3 mois qui ne peut pas s'en passer pour s'endormir le soir. Les projections sur le mur l'hypnotisent carrément !

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