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PABOBO, smart solutions for peaceful nights

Easy bedtime

While the projections capture baby’s attention, the soft music helps him regain his calm and lulls baby to peaceful sleep and sweet dreams. These are real assets for the bedtime ritual.

Good sleep

The reassuring nightlights help parents take care of Baby in the dark without dazzling him and gently get him used to the day / night rhythm. Later, they reassure the little ones at night.

Time for kids!

By following the instructions on the figurine (ON or OFF, wake up or asleep) your child learns time. Your child sleeps longer, and so do you!

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Pabobo, the baby sleep expert

A pioneering brand

Born in 2003 in Paris, the Pabobo brand invents its solutions surrounded by experts & designers, observing parents and children


The Pabobo range has received dozens of international prizes and awards. But the most important is the millions of children rocked by our nightlights for 15 years.

At your disposal

Our products are designed for toddlers, from use to compliance with the strictest standards. Tender and easy to use, our nightlights accompany all the family until the end of the night.

Pabobo assets

Pabobo, solutions…
Easy to use, suitable for small hands
Meet the highest standards
Innovative, with intelligent sensors
Created in Paris for almost 20 years
Adopted by millions of children around the world

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