Lumicolor bear

The Chameleon night light!

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The night light that detects colors!
The Lumicolor bear will light up in the color of the object touched!
Thanks to its 3 modes, the night light adapts to different situations:

  • Color detection: scan & match color of the touched object!
  • White light: 2 intensities to reassure or read a story.
  • Rainbow: the little bear changes color slowly, and you can freeze your favorite color!
1 Color-matching night light!
Put the Lumicolor bear on a colored object: cloth, chair, table, etc and it lights up in the same color! Playful to learn colors!
2 Soft light
Warm white light mode with to intensities ro reassure children.
3 Rainbow
In this mode, Lumicolor lights up with automatic color change to create a soothing atmosphere in the the bedroom. You can also freeze your favorite color.
4 Rechargeable
Lumicolor bear is rechargeable in micro-USB and thanks to its 45 mns timer, it turns off by itself.

Playful :
Detects the color of the touched object and lights up in the same shade!

Warm white light mode with 2 intensities to accompany children in the dark.

Very smooth automatic color change mode.

Easy handling: With its flexible rotomolded body

Safe: it does not heat up … even under the sheets!

Smart: It turns off automatically thanks to its timer, but you can also use it in continuous light mode.

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Lumicolor bear


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