Kid’Sleep Moon

The solution to help children sleep longer.
Children just have to follow the position of the figurine to know if they can get up or should stay in bed.

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Kid’Sleep Moon also has the” Go to sleep” function which displays at sunset or sunrise, a “moon” setting or “sunrise” animation to indicate that it is time to get up or to go to sleep.

Advanced functions to easily control time.
Easily accessible and intuitive to program: 4 lullabies, 4 alarms, 4 light intensities, 3 settings: night, nap and weekend.

1 Wake-up indicator
If the character is illuminated in the sleeping position, children know they have to stay in bed. At the time set by the parents, the character sliently switches into the awake position. Children know they can get up!
2 Sleep & Wake Up Function
The LCD screen displays an animation "sunset" or "sunrise" to indicate that the moment is approaching (sunset or sunrise)
3 5 in 1
Alarm clock function but also nightlight (4 intensities + lullabies) and alarm clock (4 alarms + silent mode)
4 Super practical
Easy to program: authorized sunrise schedule (week or weekend), nap duration

Kid'Sleep Moon

Allows children who cannot tell time gain a sense of time.

5 in 1
nightlight, wake-up indicator, “Go to sleep” and sunrise bedtime routine, alarm clock.

2 musical lullabies and 2 white noises: heartbeat and fountain.

The “Go to sleep” mode at sunset or sunrise allows children to gain a better sense of time.

The character sliently switches into the awake position from the sleeping position, so children aren’t disturbed unnecessarily.

Useful for babies and older children: to learn about time and waking up. A gift idea that will last a long time!

Pabobo’s bright idea
3 possible settings: morning, nap and weekend

Dimensions: 23.3 x 6.1 x 17.6 cm / weight: ± 539g
LED source
Works with a plug and / or batteries (3 AA not included)
2 year warranty
From birth (nightlight mode). recommended age (wake-up indicator) from 2 - 3 years

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Kid'Sleep Moon


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