Sleep Elsewhere with Baby in 10 Easy Steps

During the holidays, routines are turned upside down and so is bedtime. If you dread the first few nights away, these 10 tips will help you:

1. Start early.

From an early age, having baby sleep in a place other than their house will allow them to understand that they can sleep both at home and elsewhere.

2. Take the blanket.

Do not forget the indispensable blankie or teddy; baby will feel more confident and therefore be less resistant to sleep.

3. Choose where to put baby to sleep.

If possible, put them in a cozy room away from noise, such as a bedroom, an office or a bathroom where it is relatively quiet. There can be music or voices in the background.

4. Continue their bedtime ritual.

This is essential for baby to feel at home and sleep as usual.

5. Explain what is going to happen.

Even at a very young age, children do not like the dark. Explaining that this is just another place, but you will be close by is enough to reassure baby. From 12 to 18 months (depending on the level of comprehension), it is advisable to anticipate and talk about the outing before leaving.

6. Find the right time for bedtime.

Beware of changing bedtime: as much as possible, it is better to respect the usual time:

  • Too early and baby will call for you every 2 minutes
  • Too late and baby will switch from being tired to being excited. It will be difficult to calm them down!

7. Limit the number of people at bedtime.

It is better to limit the number of people around baby at bedtime. The presence of parents is enough to reassure baby, there is no need for any guests. This may excite baby and delay sleep.

8. Take the time.

Better to leave the table 20 minutes early than return 10 times to see if your child is anxious.

9. Stay tuned.

Outside the house, a baby monitor is essential: a crying fit or a call quickly taken in hand will avoid any worry about your child.

10. Reassure baby with a nightlight

For more comfort, a travel nightlight is quite appropriate for outings. A nightlight helps baby to go to sleep easily.

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