Automatic Night light

The automatic wall light that reassures children in the dark.

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This pretty wall-mounted light projects a soft glow to reassure children all night long. Very simple to use, just plug it in, and that’s it! It turns on by itself when night falls and goes out when the sun rises. Thanks to its light sensor, its intensity varies automatically according to ambient light. In addition, thanks to its rotary plug, the automatic pilot light adapts to all sockets!

1 Easy to use
Just plug in the nightlight: it turns on and off on its own, gradually, depending on ambient light.
2 Rotating plug
To adapt to all sockets
3 Reassuring glow
A small light that reassures children all night long.
4 Complies with the April 2009 Directive
Wall mounted nightlight without plug, not attractive for children.

It emits a soft glow in the dark.

Just plug it in, and that’s it!

It turns on and off on its own.

Its intensity varies according to the brightness.

Pabobo”s bright idea
It adapts to all sockets thanks to its rotating plug!

Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.5 x 11 cm / 60 g
Does not heat (cold eco-consumption LED)
From birth (0+) CE
2 year warranty

Where to find the wall light?

Automatic nightlight white

Automatic nightlight blue

Automatic nightlight pink


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