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ZenSo is the first decorative mood light designed just for children.

With its three different moods, ZenSo adapts to every moment of the day.

Set to Play for well lighted fun,
Relax for a subtle light that softly changes from one color to another,
and Sleep to watch over little ones' dreams during the night.

All by itself, ZenSo creates a colorful atmosphere that dresses up any room.

With a soft and pleasant feel, ZenSo is touch-sensitiv.
A gentle stroke from a small hand is enough to change modes...
Easy for children to use.

Low-energy LEDs don't heat up at all,
and ZenSo is also certified for use from birth!

LED bulbs don't heat up.
A colorful atmosphere that brightens the bedroom.
Just touch it to change the ambience.
With its different tones of light, ZenSo is pleasant and soft to the touch.
From birth
From birth
(0+) CE
3 ambiences in 1
3 ambiences in 1
Play, relax, sleep… ZenSo adapts to every moment of the day.
"Star" of l'Observeur du Design 2011
ZenSo received a "Star" from the Observeur du Design 2011.
Bright idea by Pabobo
Bright idea by Pabobo
Design-focused on even the youngest children, it is certified for use from birth.
700g, size 14x14x25cm
Does not heat
Does not heat (cold LED)
2 years guarantee*
EN 60598-2-12 Luminaire
EN 60598-2-10 Portable nightlight for children: Standards indicating that the luminous source is not accessible to children.
Low voltage power supply
Low-tension power supply: 12V (charger included).
Phthalats free, in accordance with the European dispositions for baby products intended for children younger than 3.
Complies with the RoHS directive (limitation of heavy metals in particular).