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Nomade night light

The Nomade night light is the first portable night light
without cords or batteries, truly adapted for children.

With its small light, Nomade reassures parents, who can watch over their little ones without waking them up.

Light and compact, it's easy to hold in one hand: bigger kids can find their way in the dark by themselves...
without waking up their parents.

The Nomade nightlight recharges directly on a wall socket and lights up the room continuously for up to 70 hours... it's tireless! You don't even have to turn it on or off, as Nomade adapts to ambient luminosity automatically. All by itself!

Perfect for watching over the babies without waking them.
It turns on and off by itself.
Light and compact so bigger kids can find their way in the dark.
Lasts up to 70 hours without batteries or cords.
From birth
From birth
(0+) CE
From 10 months
From 10 months
(10m+) CE
The Nomade night light was awarded the "Consobaby" label by parents.
The Nomade nightlight is available in 4 shades
The Nomade nightlight is available in 4 shades
grey Hippo, blue Lion, Purple Giraffe and Green Sheep
Bright idea by Pabobo
Bright idea by Pabobo
The first portable night light that adapts to ambient luminosity!
70g. 7cm high, 5cm diameter
No bulb
Without incandescent bulb (no more bulb to replace!)
Does not heat
Does not heat (cold LED)
2 years guarantee*
No wires
No wire, no batteries (directly on power supply, no other tools needed).
EN 60598-2-12 Luminaire
EN 60598-2-12 Mains socket-outlet mounted night lights: specifies the requirements in terms of electrical safety for wall-mounted night lights.
Complies with the new April 2009 European Directive
Complies with the new April 2009 European Directive (not likely to be treated as a toy by children)
Phthalats-free, in accordance with the European dispositions for baby products intended for children younger than 3.
Complies with the ROHS directive (limitation of heavy metals in particular)