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I would like to buy a Pabobo product: where can I find a list of your retailers?

That’s pretty simple! All you have to do is connect to our store locator page. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch with our Customer Service.


My product does not turn on… What can I do?

- For our nightlights: make sure you are in a dark room! As they are photosensitive, they only light up when it’s dark… If you still are having problems, you can contact our Customer Service.

- For the Lumilove: make sure they have been recharged! And to preserve your battery, it’s important to mind the recharging times indicated in the user manual.

- For our battery operating products, please check that you’ve inserted the batteries (in the right way!) and that you don't use recharging batteries.

If this doesn’t help, please contact our Customer Service.


Are the Pabobo products garanteed?

Yes, of course they are! 

Now, all our products benefit from 2 years of guarantee!

Because they are designed for babies and toddlers, we take a special care to all our products.

Our approach is built on continuous improvement, from design to manufacturing and after-sales service. With this requirement, all our products combine reliability and durability.

If, despite all our attention, a product presents a default, we are committed to replace it with an identical or similar product.

To benefit from our product warranty, please make sure you have your proof of purchase and product in front of you, and connect to our Customer Service.

* for a purchase after the 1st may 2013 (excepted lampshade and stickers)


Where can I find replacement bulbs for my Carrousel?

Replacement bulbs are available in stores that sell our brand. You can also find them in some DIY-stores. The reference of the bulb is 20W/12V. If you can’t find any in stores near you, contact us!


What is the 2009 standard on wall-mounted nightlights about? Is the Automatic Nightlight concerned?

The EN 60598-2-12 standard was updated in April, 2009. It forbids any figurative drawings on wall-mounted nightlights. Are considered as figurative characters or faces, or other shapes which can lead the child to consider the nightlight as a toy. Our Automatic nightlight (RG02) perfectly complies with this directive. Pabobo was one of the first manufacturers to withdraw its Barbapapa wall-mounted nightlight from its collection; it is now replaced by the Lumilove Barbapapa. Since the beginning, Pabobo has always been keen on respecting EC norms to the letter. All our lights are designed to be safely manipulated by children.


What kind of LEDs are in the Pabobo products? Are they concerned by the ANSES report?

All the LED used in the Pabobo lights are categorised in group risk 1*. Therefore, our products do not represent any photobiological risks. Since the beginning, Pabobo has always been keen on respecting EC norms to the letter. All our lights are designed to be safely manipulated by children. *Compliance of Pabobo products with standards is guaranteed by independent international laboratories.


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